Where we come from,
where we are going.


The pursuit of perfection and harmony lends our wines their unique quality. What is so special about wine is that it never forgets a single day: we may be forgetful, but the wine most certainly is not. If we are careful and conscientious, the wine too will endeavour. If we demonstrate passion and devotion, the wine will thank us. It takes note of these impressions, remembers them and returns them when the time is right.

So when you pour out a glass of Liebenstein, give it a few moments to develop. Think perhaps of a play, just before it begins, as you eagerly regard the drawn theatre curtains. Or think of reading, when the book is opened and you carefully leaf through the pages: an intriguing tension is created. The moment the curtain rises or the book opens to reveal the hidden secret of its history, its true ego, gradually showing us more and more – the moment the wine tells you all it has experienced. We therefore truly believe that only our own vines can make our wine into what we call harmony. The purity of our wines is so fresh and precious that, again and again, we are reminded in our search for distinctiveness of what others fervently sense or indeed seek: uniqueness.

Vines, people and animals
living naturally together


In winegrowing we rely on the very origin – on nature itself. We take account of the nature of the soil and the climate to ensure that our work and our winegrowing exertions all act in harmony with nature. The so-called terroir signifies the blend of terrain, climate, geology and the skills of the winegrower. All this in combination gives our wine its unique character and a quality that can be felt and tasted throughout.

Once combined, these factors of the terroir develop in concentrated form in the grapes and underlie their complexity. The vines draw their strength from the nutrient-rich glacier residues around the Villner Schlössl, enriched with porphyry and limestone. Deep-rooted herbs continuously aerate the soil, with dung from our own stables applied as manure. It is important when tending the vines to be especially careful in minimising cutting damage, thus preserving the quality and juiciness of the grapes. In this way the exceptional character of the soil is passed into the taste of the vines, which develop ever-deeper roots over time and can live to a ripe old age. Our commitment to winegrowing comes from and out of nature, to which it is returned, so that we ultimately create that which we stand for: naturally living vines and a unique, harmonious wine.

Il vino

Every year we once again devote our entire individual attention to our vineyards, as no year is the same, from the early growth of winter and spring through to the harvest in autumn. We use only grapes from our vineyards for Baron Longo wines, as only then can they tell their unique stories straight from the heart. Each individual work procedure requires meticulous care. The wine will thus be granted the necessary stillness and time in the cellar to gather and develop itself.

The Baron Longo Liebenstein line with its white wine cuvée is hand-stamped with the Baron Longo seal – a seal that only our best products receive, making each item unique.

Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay Cuvee
South Tyrol D.O.C.


Year: 2015

Grape variety: Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay

Analytical values:
Alcohol: 13,5 % vol.
Total acidity: 4,8 g/l
Residual sugar: 1,6 g/l

Tasting: Harmonious, very balanced taste with the range of complex aromas

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