A wine makes history.

We demand the highest standards to ensure the special nature of the wines grown around the Villner Schlössl in Neumarkt on the River Etsch – and we always have. The Baron Longo family and their vines have lived together for over a century now. This is a long time, exhilarating and nevertheless interrupted by wars, contrasting and innovative, yet always with the common values and the promise of maintaining and cultivating tradition, whether as regards winegrowing or the principles of the family itself that are reflected in the day-to-day work in the vineyards: wine that has been making and relating history for over 150 years now.

Anton Baron Longo marks the beginning of a new generation, courageous and conscientious, who fully intends to experience what makes life – and above all wine – interesting: a blend of the sweet and the sour that, combined, creates its taste. In 2016 saw the bottling of a Baron Longo wine, the “Liebenstein Cuvée”, for the first time in 150 years: a wine that has grown up from history, principles and passion.

Deeply rooted
in our homeland.

Do you know South Tyrol? The Baron Longo estate with its “Villner Schlössl” is located In Neumarkt on the River Etsch, in the heart of South Tyrol. The chances are you have already seen it.

The Baron Longo “Villner Schlössl” can be seen again and again throughout the world, as it is used as a motif in international advertising campaigns for South Tyrol. Perhaps you have already seen it, for instance in Tokyo or London? If you travel south from Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol, there opens up a broad valley bordered by mountains through which winds the River Etsch. This is where we live, at the foot of the porphyry mount named Castelfeder, in Neumarkt, where various pasture animals roam the lush meadows surrounding the old castle ruins. Ancient oak trees and fresh-smelling herbs scent the air, making it an ideal place to relax and dream.

Our vineyards are picturesquely located in the midst of the gentle landscape around the Villner Church, one of Tyrol’s most beautiful late-Gothic structures. The characteristics of this location, with its highly varied soils, are reflected in every single root fibre of our vines. The unique interplay of glacier residue, porphyry and limestone gives our wine its unmistakable taste. The area of land known as the South Tyrolean “Unterland” forms both the linguistic and cultural border between South Tyrol and the Trentino region. This transition is clearly noticeable in Neumarkt: olives and crisp-baked bread, warm summer nights and South Tyrolean traditional costumes, the Italian and German languages, the past and the future. We regard it as a wonderful gift to be able to call this place home.

When we are travelling round the world and suddenly see a poster featuring our castle, it is perhaps no surprise that we feel a little homesick.